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Compostable coffee capsules for your Nespresso machine
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We love beans!

Great taste starts with our coffee beans. Only the best quality. 100% Arabica. Experienced coffee farmers know which berries to pick at the right time.

We take our time...nice and slow

We love roasting our beans nice & slow. We take our time. The cooling down of our beans is gentle. We don’t like to give them a scare nor a bitter taste.

100% Compostable capsule

Enjoying LaCoppa should leave nothing but great taste. Our 100% plant-based capsules are made from natural, renewable resources.

Our flavours

Ristretto Bio

Powerful dark Ristretto Coffee with a smokey hint of dark cocoa and a pleasant bitter aftertaste.


Origin: Peru, Mexico, Honduras, Indonesia

Espresso Bio

A mild espresso with a delicate hint of cedar wood and cereals.


Origin: Peru, Mexico, Honduras

Classico Bio

A strong Italian Classic Coffee with hints of dark fruit and a smooth rich slightly bitter aftertaste.


Origin: Peru, Mexico, Honduras, Colombia

Ethiopia Bio

Lightly sour aromatic Single Origin Ethiopia Coffee with exotic fruit tones and a soft almost velvety after taste.


Origin: Ethiopia

Lungo Bio

Pleasant well balanced lungo coffee with a gentle sour tone and mild after taste.


Origin: Peru, Mexico, Honduras

Decaffeinato Bio

A mild coffee with a very rich taste, without caffeine.


Origin: Indonesia, Peru, Honduras, Mexico


Take it easy! Fresh coffee delivered to your doorstep without any action needed from your side.

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