About our coffee

We’re filling our plant-based cup with 100% organic coffee.

We only use pure Arabica beans. We roast them nice and slow, and grind them in such a way that it gives you the full aroma in one shot.

To us, that’s just common sense. If you take a sharp look at the shape our world is in, we’re wondering why there’s still coffee being sold that’s not produced organically.

About LaCoppa

At LaCoppa, we started our coffee brand by developing the first plant-based compostable coffee cup ever. Which makes sense, because aluminum is environmentally very unfriendly.

Not to mention what it does to your body, even in tiny amounts. We put this cup on the market as early as 2006, way before climate change became a pivotal subject of our daily news grind.

It proves that we love to continuously improve things. Outsmart the rest. Hack reality. Be pragmatic and revel in finding a better way. Be sharp. All fueled by the edge that a bit of caffeine provides ;-). At LaCoppa, we firmly believe that the power of human creativity and innovation can change the course of our world. But we’re not your typical greenwashing brand that loftily claims to make the whole wide world a better place.

LaCoppa focusses sharply on improving the coffee industry. Nothing more, nothing less. By doing so, we hope to inspire others to do the same in their line of business or personal life. Because the world needs more people who dare to look reality straight into the eye and see opportunities instead of problems. We sincerely hope that our belief in human innovation and the caffeine provided by our coffee gives those people the edge to be sharp and find a way to make our world a little bit better than it was yesterday.

LaCoppa – Be sharp.


We’re based in The Netherlands, but ship all over the world.

  • Our address
  • La Coppa Coffee
  • Hoge Maasdijk 134
  • 4281NJ – Andel
  • The Netherlands
  • E-mail: hello@la-coppa.com
  • Phone: +31 850438488
  • Chamber of Commerce: 41545575
  • VAT-ID: NL001381162B68
  • Bank: NL 29 INGB 0006 8777 08

Want to keep in touch? You can send us an e-mail on hello@la-coppa.com.