Guilt free


For LaCoppa we use Green Ring capsules to reduce our footprint on mother earth. ATI has developed these ‘Green ring capsules’ ; fully plant-based and compostable capsules where no alluminium or regular plastics are used. Most conventional coffee capsules are made from petroleum-based plastics or aluminium. Aluminium not only leaves a nasty toxic trail after disposal, but is also non-renewable, and requires lots of energy and chemicals to produce.

Extra packaging (like an extra wrap around each capsule) is not needed. Most coffee capsules use an aluminium sachet to keep the coffee fresh, but we have built in a plant-based oxygen barrier to keep our coffee fresh. That’s why the best taste of your coffee can be delivered to you without unnecessary packaging.

Our capsules are made of Sugar Cane and/or Sugar Beet. So, the complete capsule including the foil, is made from plants materials. After usage you can trow them guilt free into the Green Bin. Under the right industrial set conditions they will fully break-down into compost. The entire capsule, can be chewed up, and spat out by our little microbial friends, leaving behind biomass, CO2 and water.

The green ring capsule is patented and has the BIO certifcation of SKAL under registration number: NL-BIO-01 / 103502. You can find more infomation about the green ring at:

Awards for the ‘Green Ring’ capsules of ATI Group -in cooperation with their clients-

• 2015: Winner of “The Food Valley Innovation Award”:
• 2016: Winner of the “Packaging award 2016” Category Sustainability:
• 2016: Nominated for “The Golden Nut”, Worlds most competitive packaging innovation award:
• 2016: Nominated for the Grands Prix SIAL Innovation 2016
• 2016: Nominated for the UK packaging award